Worked down the neck to final contours and started in on the belly cut tonight. I love the smell of sawdust in the evening. 

Back at it for the first time in almost a month!

It's amazing how much time planning and executing a wedding and honeymoon can take and how absolutely worth it all that effort was. 

Managed to get the neck contours and the heel transition just about wrapped up here and then it's on to final hardware layout!

Last night was the first time I'd cleaned the shop in longer than I could remember. On a positive note: I found some drill bits I'd misplaced, all the large chips and sawdust are gone from the floor, and (most importantly) I was able to get some actual work done!

I was able to cut the headstock out and get everything sanded to thickness on Aaron's and now that it's this far through, I can't wait to carve the reveals in.

A quick night in the shop with some idea of how things are going to turn out. 

Glued the head stock ears on Aaron's 2.0 and the wings onto Wil's. I really love the contrast  between the neck and the ears and wings on Wil's rosewood scroll. 

On a slightly different front, I managed to get the 4th coat of finish on a side table project I've been working on a few days. 

Made some tracks this morning down in the shop hammering out a headstock layout, rouging in a near continuous grain electronics cover, and even gluing up a side table. Definitely chalking this one up in the win column.