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It's been a little while since I had an actual post for here, but there's been no shortage of amazing things happening over at Better Mousetrap Guitars HQ. 

My buddy Chuck cranked out another amazing gallery of photos for Aaron's third which you can check out over here.

Back on May 18th, it was delivery day for Aaron's third bass, Evil Twin. Early that morning, my wife and I packed up and headed for Columbus, OH to check out the first day of Rock on the Range. There's really nothing that can prepare you for the enormity of that many people at a rock festival; the crowd had such great energy and it really made for an awesome day. 

When the time finally came for Aaron to play Evil Twin, stage left guitar tech and all around nice dude Cowboy had the idea for me to hand it him when it was time for that tuning (Drop C, incidentally). Nothing I've experienced in building basses and delivering instruments readied me for how amazing it was to be able to stand in front of all those people. As you can see here, all sorts of cheese going on after making the handoff.

Until last night, not a whole lot visible as far as progress is concerned. Finish has been applied (five coats) and buffed out and now Evil Twin is ready for fretwork and final assembly.

It's kind of hard to believe it's been one year since I'd delivered the first bass to Aaron from Breaking Benjamin. There's something about being able to waking up and checking out the usual social media feeds and seeing my work on stage; I really can't describe how awesome it is. Here's a quick candid shot my wife snapped the first time I heard that fist bass over the house system at 20 Monroe Live over in Grand Rapids, MI.

On to current business!

Completed the final sand out last night and then put the first coat of finish on the electronics covers and the instrument this morning. 

Two more progress shots for the week before a quick weekend getaway! I can't wait to get this into finish; only cutting the electronics cover, drilling the bridge and string through mounts, and drilling the tuner holes remain before I get to start.