One of my biggest goals in producing instruments is making my customers happy. If my customer isn't happy because of some kind of flaw in my workmanship or materials, I want to make it right.

This instrument came out of making things right. In a previous 6-string build, the truss rod failed and there wasn't a clean way to perform any kind of repair; since there were some things the customer wanted changed after the fact, I started from the ground up and produced this masterpiece.

  • 34" scale, 24 frets
  • Wenge top, fretboard, and headstock ears
  • White ash core
  • Maple and curly maple neck with black pinstripes
  • EMG 45-P neck pickup
  • EMG 45-J bridge pickup
  • EMG BQC System preamp
  • Chrome Hipshot A-style bridge
  • Chrome Hipshot 3/8" Ultralite tuners