After awhile of putting the carriage before the horse, I finally got around to making a template for the hook scroll wing. In addition to some template work, I glued the wings on 2.0 and figured out the headstock proportions for a 5-string version of my signature headstock.

Still getting used to updating like this... 

Got the fretboards glued down on the twins, got the 12th fret plug set, sanded the radius in, set in some side dots (glow!!!) and worked with Evo Gold fretwire for the first time. I can't say enough good things about how easy this fretwire was to work with; no need to press things in, just hammer them home and color it done.

Two posts in one day? What is the world coming to...

Got the back contours all cut out on the neck, biscuit slotted the neck and wings, thinned, slotted, and thickness tapered the fretboard, and glued the fretboard down.

Not a bad Independence Day; happy 4th of July, everyone. 

The thing about a new format when it comes to progress blog entries is that you need to actually do them. Oops. 

In any case, I've made a bunch of progress on all three instruments since the last update, both of the neck blanks are tapered and the rosewood has had the back contours cut out and the fretboard glued down.

In other news, Devin over at D-Cline Design did a really great job on the control knob sets for these bad boys.

Better Mousetrap Guitars ® gets a name drop on RockRevolt Magazine!

You can check out the write up here and follow their work over on Facebook. A huge thank you goes out to Devon for the great write up over at RockRevolt and Aaron for being awesome and helping get the word about about what I do.