Finally getting around to posting an update... 

Worked on a buckeye and bubinga single-cut and grandillo and walnut ball scroll today, crafting an electronics cover, tapering a neck, filling some voids in the buckeye top, and cutting the headstock angle. All in all, calling it a good day.

New saw blade for the table saw tonight! As much as it'll make me sound like a shill, this is actually my second one of these blades so that I can always have one in service while I send the other back for refurb/sharpening. Made a little progress on the hook scroll 5-string and straightened up the shop a little bit tonight.

OK. New year, new drive to get things better documented! Back from some vacation and business travel, it's time to rock and roll. 

Worked down the neck to final contours and started in on the belly cut tonight. I love the smell of sawdust in the evening. 

Back at it for the first time in almost a month!

It's amazing how much time planning and executing a wedding and honeymoon can take and how absolutely worth it all that effort was. 

Managed to get the neck contours and the heel transition just about wrapped up here and then it's on to final hardware layout!