• Better Mousetrap Guitars Aurora single-cut body shape
  • 35" scale, 24 frets
  • Bookmatched bubinga faces over black walnut core, separated by a maple veneer
  • Maple, walnut, and bubinga neck
  • West African ebony fretboard 
  • Bubinga and walnut headstock ears
  • Walnut headstock overlay
  • Aguilar DCB pickups
  • Aguilar OBP-3 preamp
  • Vol w/P-P to passive, Blend, Bass, Mid w/P-P frequency select, Treble controls
  • Black Hipshot Ultralite tuners
  • Black Hipshot A-style bridge

18 July 2013

Pulled from some stock I've had for a few years to get this build rolling. Here are the bubinga front and back for this build. 

21 July 2013

Not a whole lot of progress. Cleaned up the walnut for the cores of the wings and got an idea of what the lamination should end up looking like.

22 July 2013

Received a little care package from Aguilar today in the form of two of their new DCB dual ceramic bar soapbar pickups and an OBP-3 preamp! 

24 July 2013

Received a little care package in the mail from the Gilmer Wood Company in the form of two really great pieces of West African Ebony and a super stripy piece of East Indian rosewood. After a few emails, decided to change the maple fretboard to the right West African board shown here. I think the lighter stripes are really going to make it pop. 

28 July 2013 

Now that all the design direction is set, I got to work thinning the neck materials and prepping them for glue up. What I've got planned is a pretty slick 9-piece neck of maple, walnut, and bubinga (the only thing not pictured here are the maple veneers that will go between the walnut and the bubinga). 

4 August 2013

Laminated up the neck and thinned the top and back bubinga to the appropriate thickness. I forgot how much of a pain it could be to sand cup out of bubinga... 

 5 August 2013

Jointed down the neck and laminated up the wings tonight. I forgot how much of a pain bubinga could be if it started to cup on you while gluing. 

6 August 2013

Unclamped the wings and got the faces smoothed out and everything to the correct thickness and jointed the neck side edge. 

9 August 2013

Finally got a round to unpacking some of the boxes I've been accumulating during the start of the build and started up a build box for this particular instrument. As you can see, this particular box was recently vacated by Phil Lipscomb's Aurora 4-string project. 

10 August 2013

Wings are now all cut out and sanded to shape and most of the material in the electronics cavity removed. 

12 August 2013

Finished the electronics cavity and cover recesses and rounded over both of the wings. This face thickness might end up being my new target; I really like the way the reveal pops with the maple veneer. 

26 August 2013

Loads more progress over the past two days. Headstock angle is cut, headstock face thickness sanded and glued in place, truss rod channel cut, and neck tapered. 

16 September 2013 

Been a little while since the last update and there's no shortage of progress to show for it. 


Fretboard is slotted, neck back profile cut out, fretboard glued down, headstock ears cut and ready for trace, and single-cut relief sketched and roughed in with the angle grinder.

21 September 2013

Got the frets in, trimmed, leveled, crowned and polished today. She's just about ready to get put into one piece now. 


29 September 2013

Body and headstock wings are now attached and the belly cut contour is done. Hoping to start shaping the neck this afternoon. 

6 October 2013

Cut in the single cut relief and contoured the neck. The stripes in this neck are killer! 

20 October 2013

Loads of progress since the last update. Headstock reveal has been cut and tuner holes drilled, logo dots assembled for the truss rod (maple cirle) and electronics cover (walnut circle), pickup pockets cut, battery box recess routed, bridge and string through holes drilled. Phew, busy Saturday. 

2 November 2013 

PIckup cavities shielded, output jack drilled, and just about ready for a final sand out before finish!

4 November 2013

First coat of finish has been applied! 


13 November 2013

Put the last coat of tung oil on over the weekend, checked for any issues and found none and assembly started tonight!