Fret work and a new ukulele bridge

After the first few instruments I'd built, I don't know that it'll ever stop feeling like a mission accomplished when I do a fret job without destroying my hands. Got the frets in on the Aurora 6 and the single cut prototype earlier today.

I also decided to make a design direction change on the single cut just before getting the frets in; the fretboard is jet black and super clean just like i'd hoped it would be, but with how vibrant the wings ended up being, I felt like it was lacking a little something. I decided to cut a 5/8" plug out of the ribbon striped bloodwood I'd used for the wings and set it in at the 12th fret. I think it turned out really well.

The prototype ukulele bridge served its purpose, but now I wanted to create something a little more elegant than the chunk of maple i'd crafted the first time. I think the finished result looks pretty great.