Smoothing contours

Not a whole lot done for as much time as I had available to me this weekend. Procrastinators unite...tomorrow.

After being completely discontent with how much personal parts jazz bass sounded, I decided to gut the control pots and start from the ground up. With the Kent Armstrong soapbars, the output is super full no matter how far away from the strings the pickup is, but I've noticed that I need to keep the jazz pickups much closer. In hoping to remedy this low output situation, I opted to wire a series/parallel switch in the form of a push-pull pot on the front volume. Once the wire up was complete (first try, woot!), I was pleasantly surprised at just how much more full the output was. Definitely a mod I'd recommend anyone doing if they want a little more oomph from their jazz.

After the rewire project, I moved on to the two basses in production, the single cut prototype and the Aurora 6. I finished the neck contours on both of those, smoothing them out with a cabinet scraper and then onto the random orbital palm. All in all, I'm really happy with the results and cannot wait to get both of these bad boys strung up.

Aurora 6 neck contours and neck/body transition all finished up.