Small starts, big results

And we're off!

Finally got into the first round of builds for 2013 and it's definitely going to be different. Starting things off this year, I'm doing a run of three ukuleles. After the resounding success I had with the Noisy Cricket Single-Cut prototype, I decided to have another go at things and improve my design a bit. This round of ukuleles will be "standard" shaped (no cutaways), have fixed bridges, and will use single-coil size twin blade pickups. Here's a few shots of the first one going to a former intern at work:

Additionally, with this build, I'm planning on experimenting with some wood dyes on one of them. A friend of mine has been asking me for a purple guitar for about two and a half years since she found out that I build; as a thank you for keeping me motivated and always being enthused about what I'm doing, I'm making her a purple ukulele.