Early in 2011, one of my interns at work took a chance on me making him a bass. The final product ended up being this beauty here. Though it remains one of my favorite builds as is, I've wanted to do a neck through version for quite some time.

In talking with him some more, based on some spare parts I had around the shop, he decided he wanted to really test me again and he commissioned what should be one of the most unique builds I've done to date. 

  • CT-tribute scroll body shape
  • 7-string, 30" scale, 24 frets
  • Maple fretboard
  • Curly, birdseye purpleheart facings w/maple and black walnut burl core
  • 11-piece maple, purpleheart, and black walnut neck
  • Purpleheart headstock ears
  • Tuned: E-A-D-G-C-E-A
  • Kent Armstrong soapbar pickup
  • Aguilar OBP-3 preamp
  • Vol w/P-P to passive with blend and separate  bass, middle w/P-P frequency select, and treble knobs
  • Black Hipshot Ultralite bass tuners (bass
  • side)
  • Black Hipshot Locking guitar tuners (treble side)
  • Black Hipshot A-style bridge

15 June 2013

Lamination hell. 

All griping aside, I really think this is going to be one of the most spectacular necks I've done. With a nut width of almost 2.5" and string spacing knocking on 4", it's quite the moster. 

Also, here's a quick look at some of the curly, birdseye purpleheart.


16 June 2013

After the lamination hell of yesterday, it all ended up being worth it today when I got to pull the neck blank out of the clamps. After joining down the face to square things up and a few passes under the thickness sander, this beauty is what I was left with. Honestly, this is one of my best efforts yet when it comes to neck glue ups. 

Also, I finally cracked open my latest Hipshot order and was greeted by this behemoth of a bass bridge. This is going to be one big, mean bass.

24 June 2013

Worked a little more on this monster this weekend. Thickness sanded down some maple for the body layers and cut that maple, some black walnut, and the curly, birdseye purpleheart down to size and got them all ready for bookmatching. 

30 June 2013

Got the electronics cover pretty much ready to go, all that's left will be to thickness sand it to the appropriate size once I've got the wings prepared.  I really like the way the birdseye makes the purpleheart b pop that much more against the walnut of the cover itself.

5 July 2013

Book matched the figured walnut for the core, split and thinned some maple for the accent lines, and split the curly, birdseye purpleheart three times for the front and back faces. The contrast between the layers is really spectacular. 

13 July 2013

Last night I cut out and sanded the wings to shape and cut the electronics recess in the treble wing. The lamination turned out really great. I think I'm going to end up doing most of the round over on the horns by hand to give myself more of a challenge, but also to be able to create some more unique contours. 

19 July 2013

Did my best at channeling Carl Thompson tonight... All in all, super happy with the results. 

20 July 2013

After more or less finishing up the bass horn, it was time to move on to the treble horn. I'd removed some of the material all the way around the wing with my router table, but, much like the bass horn, there was no good way via machine to get the contours in place. Dragon rasps to the rescue! 

26 August 2013

Didn't get a chance to post the progress from yesterday, but there's been plenty. Headstock angle cut, headstock face sanded to thickness, and glued in place.  

16 September 2013

So much done since the last progress update. Reinforcement rod channels cut, neck tapered, truss rod slots cut, back contour cut out, fretboard slotted, tapered, and ready for glue down on the neck!

21 September 2013 

Got the fretboard glued down today; hoping to get it trimmed to width and start the bear of a process that will be putting on that radius. 

29 September 2013

Just realized I didn't put up the fretting pictures from last weekend O_O. Remedying this now as well as showing off the finished contours of the bass wing.



6 October 2013

She's in one piece! 

12 October 2013

Back dating this one because I'd actually made some decent progress... The wings are on, faces smoothed, belly cut done, headstock re-rendered, and some of the heel transition started.

27 October 2013

Sanded the headstock smooth on both faces, shaped the neck, and started working the neck heel down a little bit so it's super comfortable. 

1 November 2013 

Finished up the neck heel transition last night, I really like the way wings come in and meet the neck on both sides, it's super comfy.  

4 November 2013

Contoured the heel of the guitar, rounded everything over and started smoothing out the edges. It's all coming together really nicely. 

13 November 2013

Pickup pocket cut, contours all final, ready for one final sandout, control, tuner, and output holes, and then he's ready for finish

8 December 2013

First coat of finish has been applied!

9 December 2013

In my haste to get the first two coats of finish on this bad boy last night, I completely spaced out on doing my signature reveal on the headstock. Tonight, I rectified this and crafted another BMG first in having the twin reveals. I really feel like the twin reveals work well on this particular headstock because it's not quite as asymmetric as my other headstocks end up being.