Before the beginning of 2017, it'd been a really long time since I'd had the spark that I needed to get myself going and start building again. That being said, 2017 ended up staring off with quite the bang.

Through a spectacular series of ups and downs involving divorce, loss of a shop, getting engaged, meeting amazing people, buying a house, building a shop, and getting older, I could confidently say two things: 1] 2017 was the best birthday I've ever had (mainly due to my amazing fiancée/soon-to-be wife) and 2] I was more excited to build this bass than I've ever been to build anything.

A huge thank you to Aaron for taking a gamble on me and getting me building again! I can't express how good it feels to have my zen back.

Below are the specifications and photographs of Aaron Bruch of Breaking Benjamin's first bass from Better Mousetrap Guitars:

  • Better Mousetrap Guitars Aurora Single-Cut 
  • 4-string, 34" scale
  • Wings: Granadillo faces with maple accent line over black walnut
  • Neck: Maple with black walnut details
  • Fretboard: West African ebony
  • Hardware: Hipshot Ultralite tuners and A-Style bridge
  • Electronics: Nordstrand Big BladeMan pickups and 3B-5A preamp