buckeye burl with epoxy accents over walnut

This instrument ended up being the sixth Aaron Bruch from Breaking Benjamin received from me. The path to this one ended up a little different than the others in that I came to him at a show and said, “I want to build you another bass but I want to make sure you actually need one.” After a good chuckle, we got down to business and I was able to show him this incredible buckeye top and told him about my plan to fill the voids with epoxy. 

In the end, we ended up settling on his wife Kara’s favorite color, blue, for the fill and I got down to business. As a finished product, I think everything came out really nice with the pockets of blue, the newer double-cut shape, and all of the rest of the materials really singing with another first for him – gold hardware.







  • Double-cut, 5-string, 34” scale, 24 frets
  • Walnut wings with buckeye burl face and dyed epoxy void fill and maple accent line
  • Maple and walnut neck
  • West African ebony fretboard

  • Nordstrand Big BladeMan pickups
  • Nordstrand 3-band preamp
  • Hipshot Ultralite tuners
  • Hipshot A-Style bridge