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meet your builder ● matt kiefer

While at university, I studied electrical engineering; this training gave me a drive to learn and improve the processes in front of me. Unfortunately, engineering doesn’t always provide the best creative outlet/balance to the details, schedules, numbers, and other technical tedium that usually come along with it. 

I started Better Mousetrap Guitars in early-2010 as a way to fill the creative gap in my life and the journey it’s taken me on is like nothing I could have anticipated back then.

better mousetrap guitars philosophy

From the start, my goal with Better Mousetrap Guitars has been to provide two things: 

1) an instrument that meets all the artists’ needs, wants, etc. sonically and aesthetically

2) an experience that the artist can remember for as long as they own that instrument

As an artist, I realize you have options when it comes to the instruments you purchase. Whether it’s a mass production instrument, something from another boutique builder, or a used instrument from another retailer, it’s your money and you should get exactly what you’re looking for with it.

Through the scoping, design, and build process, my favorite part is engaging with the customer and really making sure that I hit all the high points they’re looking for. Starting with sonically and moving through the aesthetic details, I love the back and forth spent discussing and honing in on what the customer really wants and that it needs to make what I’m building their dream instrument.